Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Please feel free to respond to the questions below or make your own observations in the comments section so we can start a dialogue on the story that these pictures tell.


1. What do you see in this picture?

2. What do you think this is a picture of? Any particular event in history? Why?

3. This is actually a picture of Pearl Harbor after it was attacked. How do you think the people on the dock are feeling right now?

4. Who attacked Pearl Harbor? If you were one of the attackers, how do you think you would feel at this point in time?

5. If you were one of the sailors on the dock, how would you feel at this point in time?

6. If you were the United States government, what would be some of your options for how to respond to this attack? Which option would you pick and why?


1. What is this picture showing?

2. Does this picture remind you of any other events in history? Why?

3. Who do you think this woman is? Why?

4. How would you describe this woman's emotions or how she's feeling based on this picture?

5. What's happening in her life to make her feel this way?

6. Based on your evaluation of her emotions and the events in her life, do you think she's right or wrong to feel the way she does? Why?


1. What do you see in this picture? What different groups of people are involved?

2. What time period is this? What major events are happning in America at this time?

3. What do you think is happening here? Where are these people going?

4. Why are these people lined up? Do they have anything in common with each other? Any differences? Are they here by choice?

5. If you were an American during this time period, how would you feel if you saw this picture in a newspaper?

6. If you were an American during this time period, would you agree with what's happening in this picture or not? Why do you feel this way?


1. Who are the people on both sides of this fence?

2. Where are these people? How do you know?

3. What are the emotions of the people on both sides of the fence? Why do they feel the way they do?

4. Why are these people here? Where did they come from?

5. Under what circumstances do you think these people came here? What lives were they leading a few months ago?

6. If you don't believe these people are here by choice, who do you think ordered them to this place and why? Do you think those people in charge had good reasons or not? Why?


1. What's happening in this picture?

2. Who are the people in this picture, and where are they?

3. Why are they at this place? Did they choose to be here?

4. Who is the boy looking at the camera, and how do you think he feels?

5. Tell me the story of this boy's life. Where did he come from? Who is his family? What was he doing a year ago? What will he do and where will he go when he finishes playing?

6. Do you think this boy should be in this place? Why or why not?



1. What's happening in this picture?

2. Who are these children? Where are they?

3. What ethnicities do you see represented in this picture?

4. Do you think these children are American citizens? Why or why not?

5. During wartime, do you think these children would be on America's side or another country's side? Which country do you think the different children in this picture would support? Why?

6. In the world we live in today, do you think people associate different ethnicities or races with certain countries, even if the people of these different backgrounds were born and raised in America? Why?

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